it is an ideal traffic control and monitoring system where the placement of fixed installations is otherwise impossible. The unique ability of the device to independently recognize license plates, determine the speed of the car, process data and transmit data, which makes the S1 unique in its class. A dozen pre-installed system analysis and control modules, a portable power supply, and a performance of 600 m / 1970 ft during daytime and 150 m / 490 ft at night allow the S1 to replace several sophisticated traffic management and its devices.



•   Full portability, Autonomous operation and communication

•   Quick and easy setup via the device's touch screen

•   Detection 600 m / 1970 ft during the day, 150 m / 490 ft at night

•   Onboard ANPR / LPR and data processing

•   Pre-installed modules for enforcement and Analytics tasks

•   Certified speed detection

•   Optimized for monitoring mobile traffic