A high-end ID / passport verification device for mission-critical applications



           PRMc is a premium and robust device for automating 1st line authentication – helping border control, ID document issuance and other high security applications. It reads and authenticates many types of identity documents: passports, ID cards, visas and driving licenses – performing a thorough document processing within just a few seconds.

          This device frees up human resourcesby replacing those tasks that were performed manually before, such as passport inspection or the personal data, typed in the system.

          The very first series of this model was manufactured back in the 2000s – and many of those are still in good use in 24/7 border control without any errors – a solid fact that proves the exceptional reliability of this passport reader.



Robust design with sophisticated details

         PRMc comes with a special dual-optic system: one camera scans the full page of the passport while the secondary unit focuses on the face portrait and provides a 960 PPI high-resolution image. This way, the user can better analyze the most often forged part of the passport, while it is also a perfect input for the built-in JURA IPI decoding function.
        Thanks to the integrated forensic illuminations like infrared, UV and the embedded RFID reader module, the unit serves as an unmatched verification system.
        PRMc is sturdy, has IP53 rating, includes no moving parts and comes with scratch-resistant glass, designed for high-demand environments. It is a proven technology that works steadily in many 24/7 border control applications worldwide.