Our company carries out a full range of works on the creation and implementation of intelligent transport systems in the road infrastructure of Kazakhstan. The intelligent transport system includes a set of equipment and software that allows you to solve a full range of tasks for monitoring the condition, operation and maintenance of highways.

A unique integrated road monitoring system allows you to develop an effective road maintenance strategy.




The system is designed for automatic collection and processing of meteorological information and its transmission to control centers.

This system allows road services to monitor the readings of each parameter, quickly respond to adverse weather conditions and effectively maintain the roadbed:

•  reagent and fuel economy

•  up-to-date traffic information 24/7 from anywhere in the world

•  cost reduction for restoration of the roadway

•   improving road safety

•   ability to make forecasts and have an early response system



Automated system for operational information of road users.

Placards and variable information signs inform drivers about the traffic situation in real time, including:

•   about adverse weather conditions

•   the need to comply with the speed limit

•   on the ceilings of the traffic and current road works

•   about traffic jams, accidents, and other hazards;

The signs are clearly visible from any distance, from any alley, and at night they do not blind.

Signs and signs with variable information are not afraid of harsh climate and can work in wet, dusty conditions.

Information boards and signs increase the level of comfort and safety.

The system of monitoring of transport streams