Almost the same size as your palm but types guest data ~150x faster


         Imagine a solution that automatically puts guest data in your system – without any manual typing. This ID scanner device captures personal data within a blink of an eye (2 seconds to be more precise), instead of the lengthy manual input. Save this way up to 3-4 minutes per guest while getting the benefit of 100% accurate customer data and recognition of foreign characters too – let it be a reception desk in a hotel, telco office, car rental shop, or anywhere else where client management is primary.

        Combo Scan is able to provide even more: it finally solves the privacy issues of personal data. Get rid of photocopies once and for all – let’s face it, it is a huge privacy risk and way too slow – let the scanner gather it digitally instead, so the data will stay in the secure system. It is all set for your business.






Let’s do the math

          As you read above, we mentioned that this ID scanner reads customer data around 150x faster than manual typing. But how is this calculated, or are these just empty words? – you may wonder.
         Here is the math background, in a nutshell: we simply compared the time necessary to type personal data from an ID and the time required for an ID scanner to do the same job:
– Manual input: around 3-4 minutes (varies per user experience, fatigue, etc.)
– Automatic input with an ID scanner: in 1-2 seconds only






        Combo Scan has a clever design with no moving parts – resulting in a total peace of mind with maintenance-free usage (even for many years, 7/24). Its optical system is designed to filter out all reflections and ambient light that may interfere with the scanning process. All these come in a sturdy and closed housing that keeps dust out and offers ergonomic scanning.
        With the exception of a USB connection, no additional power source is required, it works anywhere even with a notebook, in a stylish, ultra-compact form.