Smooth passenger flow – made possible by integrated, super-fast ID verification


Millions of passengers, flight numbers, arrival/departure times create a huge demand – for a system that allows travelers getting there on time. Its core part is the device which lets people access their route and protects borders efficiently. E-gates at major airports need a passport reader to be compact, fast and reliable.
Combo Smart Kiosk has it all. Easy integration is made possible by the scanner’s extremely compact size, brick design and mounting points. That’s why this device is your ideal choice for ABC (Automated Border Control) gates, self-service kiosks and other CUSS projects like user verification at an ATM kiosk. The full-page passport reading surface and coverless design make it intuitive and ergonomic for us – travelers – who are not experts in passport reading: we just use technology and expect steady operation.
The reader does not just capture the data but offers full spectrum authentication too. All of this happens in a blink of an eye – for managing continuous and fast passenger flow even at the largest travel hubs worldwide.





Steady operation without moving parts

Having only static parts makes it possible to reach even zero failure rate and skip the need for frequent maintenance – that’s what makes Combo Smart Kiosk ideal for long-term usage (including 24/7 border control applications).
The unit comes with a dual RFID antenna, to handle all passports independently of chip location and its imaging is enhanced by the innovative Reflection Removal and Adaptive Light Control features – to prepare the scanner’s flawless operation in any light conditions.
This passport reader was designed with integratibility in mind: the perfect rectangular form and its mounting points make physical integration a straightforward job.


The flawless operation of this device would not be enough without its compliance to all relevant industry standards:


Сканер паспортов, совместимый с ICAO 9303


Считывание RFID, совместимое с BSI


считыватель паспортов для автоматизированного пограничного контроля


The attached software includes an OCR fine-tuned for reading MRZ according to the ICAO 9303 standard by the International Civil Aviation Organization – at a 99.98%/character rate.


The integrated chip reader module has been thoroughly tested and adapted to all requirements of BSI (the German Federal Office for Information Security) – resulting in a 100% compliance with BSI-TR03105, the strictest standard of RFID reading.


The design and operation flow matches the guidelines and requirements of CUSS – Common-Use Self-Service applications and ABC – Automated Border Control (technologies widely used and spreading rapidly at airports).