Combo Smart

Is a compact, full - page passport scanner in a stylish case, ideal for various government and commercial applications.


•    Automatic document recognition
•    Reads various types of documents
•    Options: UV Color, magnetic stripe reading, contact smart cards and RFID
•    Read 1D and 2D barcodes from documents and mobile phones
•    Optical system without reflections provides higher recognition accuracy
•    Automatic comparison of photos on the passport and the chip
•    Two USB ports for connecting external devices
•    SAM slots
•    Unique compact size and ergonomic design
•    Maintenance-free: no moving parts, no consumables

Document scanners, passport Combo Smart N.

Some it systems have special requirements, and the passport reader must adapt to them. As in banks, where installing third - party software is not preferred, or in the office of a telecommunications company with thin clients-or where the practicality of the "turn on and work" operation is a priority, as in airports or mobile border checkpoints. To deal with these issues, the passport reading workflow must be designed accordingly.

This is why the Combo Smart N has advanced features compared to other passport readers: it has built-in data processing. While other scanners require a local connection to a PC, this device captures passport data and authenticates itself. The all - in - one device reads complete identification information-from printed data to chip data-while performing thorough authentication without a PC or laptop, and works perfectly with thin clients. As a platform-independent solution, it doesn't require installation and works anywhere.